The Tea ,there are  two kinds , one as "chai rice oil salt sauce vinegar tea" , one as "the chach-chinese calligraphy and painting poem wine tea".

Can be your mouth dry when the timely water, a big gulp, the important is the throat; Refreshing, quality and tasty are not all that important.

It can also be the slow life of your fine taste, a small sip, the leisure garden, taste the clouds light, the important is the unique quietly elegant and the quality life.

NATURE BUD is devoted to the knowledge of the unique, elegant, and the pursuit of life quality, to looking for  the freshest , fragrance  bouquet of flowers or the green plant  in nature,with the European handmade crafts that have been loss in the dust of history.

L`alber del colore 號稱意大利最健康的有機染髪奶,是草本領域的科技黑馬,它是意大利第一款獲有機認證的植物染髪乳。根據植物色學原理萃取最純正的有機色料,牛奶加膠原蛋白染髪之余深層護髪。 nature bud意大利美護連瑣店在融合了多年的染髪研究,集合數千萬粉絲的體驗訴求之後,終於推出了“L`albero del colore”這款專攻市場痛點,滿足挑剔美神對染髪追求的美髪寶寶。

FARMACIASS ANNUNZIATA1561(佛羅倫薩商·藝·香魂)是為了追憶歐洲文藝復興時代,為佛羅倫薩藝術作出過傑出貢獻的七大商業行會,用藝術的姿態,用代表他們行業精神的芬芳,向人們傳播歷史與藝術的芳香。

BottegadiLungaVita was born in 1940 (since1946). It is one of the pioneer brands in the field of beauty care in Europe. It is also the oldest herbal skin care brand in Italy. It is also a well-known cosmetic partner in Europe! BottegadiLungaVita adheres to the brand culture of "respecting tradition, advocating nature and innovating technology". For more than 70 years, it has been researched and developed by generations of scientists, physicians and biologists, providing a series of beauty, skin care, nutrition and health care products for people, from hair to face to body

“SANOTINT”是意大利COSVAL集團旗下大眾輕奢美髮品牌,產品主要以天然植物成份黃金小米為主原料其它草本植物為輔原料;涉及植物染髮,日常秀髮洗護。主要活躍于純天然生活館,有機生活館,草本藥房。是歐洲人必備的生活用品。LOCHERBER ASIA LTD 作為亞太分公司,在2015年成功引進SANOTINT來到亞太市場,香港NATURE BUD連瑣美妝店品牌直銷,為廣大消費者和經銷商提供體驗,秀髮問題諮詢,售前售後服務。

"LOCHERBER MILANO" 是意大利COSVAL集團旗下輕奢豪華香薰SPA品牌,產品有比較濃郁的意式風格,簡潔高雅的義大利設計,擷取全球最新鮮的植物原料,意大利鄉村手工藝雕琢的木蓋和粘土蓋,意大利傳統吹制玻璃瓶,花香蜂蜜調製的香薰精華蠟燭,麻布手工編織的LOGO設計;唯美的意義大利設計與純天然的植物原料,是LOCHERBER MILANO品牌對精緻生活最唯美的詮釋。NATURE BUD 亞太連瑣形象店品牌直銷。